Monday, June 27, 2005


Saturday was another fun Stitch ‘n Bitch! With a group of more than 15 knitters, we yakked, swapped tips and knitted up a storm. Good on those tired girls who WERE TOO EXHAUSTED TO KNIT (?) but came anyway. Again there were a few under 28; Lisa’s two beautiful girls were knitting away.

I don’t have any pickies this time (due to forgetting my camera) which is a shame because I would have loved to post a pic of Lisa’s beautiful cream jumper that she finished this month. Good to hear her son loves it so much he wears it to bed.

The yarn swap went well, we will all have to save up our odds and ends and do it again soon. If anyone has any other ideas for group activities post a comment! There was consensus about the move to the Novotel next month so tell your friends if they don’t know.

Next meeting at the Novotel Lobby Bar Sat July 30th , 2pm – whenever… they never close….and they won’t begin to pack up around us at 3pm!

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