Thursday, June 16, 2005


Apologies all - I had incorrect details up about the visit to Kerry + Co's Shop at Woonona. The shop is actually called Woonona Calico Corner. It is on the eastern side of the Highway towards the southern end of the shops at Woonona. I'm hoping I didn't steer anyone in the wrong direction last weekend. oops...

Its official: From July we will move our meetings to the Lobby Cafe at the Novotel North Wollongong. Meet at The Flame Tree this month as usual so we can announce the change to everyone and don't forget to bring along spare balls from your stash for the yarn swap!


Annie said...

Sounds like a great plan. Where is the best parking around the novotel?

the stripey tiger said...

There are a few parks in front of the Novotel on Cliff Road although it is pretty busy or there is a parking area across the road from North beach surf club with plenty of parking and a short walk to the beach-side entrance of the Novotel. To get there, use the round about off corrimal street, head towards Stuart Park then turn right towards the Novotel when you get to the T-intersection- you will see the carpark on your right. Have I really confused you now??