Tuesday, May 31, 2005

May Stitch 'n Bitch

Hello Girls. Everyone is looking very busy!

There was a good turn out this month with about 25 knitters taking over the cafe. One under 30 - Yay Bella! and one token male - yep that's you Alexander! We cooked up a few plans for future knitterly events (see below) and considered changing venues because they were packing up around us at 4.30 and had shut the front doors. Any thoughts welcome. The Collegians Club dining room is one suggestion. Please leave a comment if you have other ideas.

Come along on Saturday 11th June between 1pm and 3pm to Bulli Spinners Shop for a special 10% off all yarn afternoon. Bring your knitting, there's a cafe next door. The address is Shop 2/ 394 Princes Hwy Woonona. Easy to find, its less than a block south of McDonalds on the highway at Woonona. See you there!

Next Stitch 'n Bitch is Sat 25th June, same time, same location BUT we are having a SUPER YARN EXCHANGE!! The idea is that you bring along the odds and ends you wish to swap. Its a good way to breathe new life into you stash and have a go at knitting some yarn you may not have bought yourself. BE BRAVE!

How it works:
-Bring along unused balls with labels or if you wish to put in some handspun (what fun!) 50G balls with a label as to fibre content.
-As you put in your yarn, you will receive a numbered ticket. As your ticket is drawn from the hat you can have a go and pick some yarn out of the pile. One ball out for one ball in. Yep its completely pot luck but could be fun!!!

Till then happy knitting!!!!!!


Donni said...

Hi all, went to my bookclub meeting last night at the Novotel's Lobby Bar and I have to say I think it's a great spot for us.....heaps of big comfy chairs, lovely tranquil setting (the odd water feature trickling)waiter service that is quick and cakes etc are YUMMY with good coffee - not terribly dear - hey we only meet once a month, AND no-one pushing us out the door. Gotta like that!

the stripey tiger said...

Sounds like a good option for those who would prefer a non-club venue. I'm going to check it out before next meeting and maybe we can all decide next meeting @ flame tree.

Annie said...

Donni's suggestion of the Novotel sounds pretty nice, and she says it isn't terribly expensive, and it is only once a month, we probably deserve to treat ourselves anyway.

Annie said...

Sure I would love you to link me to WSB. Catch up end of June

Anonymous said...

I must say maybe it is better to quote the younger ones as under 20's heck i only turn 28 this week