Saturday, June 30, 2007

June Meeting

It was another big meeting after the article in the Mercury during the previous month. Even though a few notable regulars were away, there was still more than 35 women happily knitting away.

Donna, Tianne, Irene, Charmaine, Kate, Becky - we missed you! And a hearty welcome to all the newcomers we enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again next month. It's a photo heavy post this time because I remembered to bring my camera. I managed to get a shot of everyone I think. Cheers see you next month. :-) Sharon

Diana, Melanie and Helen all happily knitting away. (Above L to R)

Newcomers Marie & Nancy knit with Barbara.

Here's regulars, Christine, Adrienne and Mary, all smiling.

Welcome Narelle and Sue. Thanks for sharing your fabulous Dutch find with me Sue.

Mother and daughter team Leeanne and Angela enjoy some time away from the boys.

Ailsa is famous! Can you see her pictured in the inside cover of this month's Yarn magazine?

Ailsa acts the goat. Here she is with the blanket she's knitting for her daughter Blair.

Here's Jackie and Barb giggling away!

Here's Helen, Jenny and Joan.

Here's Donni Acting the Goat and Zena glowing.

Welcome Sandra and Bonnie.

Here's Shirley and Me looking a bit pink in the face.

Kerry and Joanne looking very calm.

And clockwise from top left is Heidi, Lynn, Dee and Betty showing off her alpaca mits.

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