Monday, March 12, 2007


Hello everybodypeeps,

I've just sent the press release off to all the local media to promote our exhibition, coming up in just over four weeks time.


I'm not much of a html wiz, so I can't really post the formatted press release. However, since I want you all to see it I guess I'll just have to stick it up here unformatted. Please forgive me.

A Stitch in Time – an exhibition of contemporary knitting by Wollongong Stitch’n’Bitch

The Old Courthouse – Belmore Basin
14th-15th April 2007

Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, the cheekily named Wollongong Stitch’n’Bitch knitting group will once again be holding an exhibition of contemporary knitting at the Old Courthouse at Belmore Basin on the weekend of the 14th-15th April 2007.

Exhibition Title: A Stitch in Time

Every month, a group of at least twenty local women meet in the lobby bar of the Novotel in North Wollongong to knit together. The members are as varied as the skeins of yarn they work with, knitting these days is not just something that your granny used to do! Through a common love of the fibre arts, they gather to work on their latest projects and chat about love, life, and everything else. And it’s not every day you see a large goup of women knitting away with cocktails in hand.

In addition to showcasing the high standard of work from our members, this exhibition hopes to explode some of the myths that knitting is frumpy and that all hand knits are itchy and garish. We’ve put together a sparkling variety of hand-knitted items including:
· A full knitted afternoon tea, complete with knitted tea-cups, chocolate cake, cupcakes and cherry pie – guaranteed calorie free!
· A shabby-chic styled wardrobe of garments; from cardigans to shawls – even a pair of knitted underpants and garter belt!
· A ‘rogue’s gallery’ of knitted art squares, each one made by a member of the group. These will be available for sale as dishcloths during the event.
· A ‘flea-market’ section where all articles will be for sale; scarves, hats, toys and clothing will be available, all hand knitted by local artisans.

Not only will there be lots to look at, friendly local members of Stitch’n’Bitch will be present all weekend, working (as always) on their latest creations and ready to answer any questions there may be about the wonderful world of knitting. Come along and be surprised.

Entry is free. A glorious handmade item will be raffled during the exhibition, the proceeds of which will go to Lifeline Wollongong.

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metal and knit said...

Sorry I cant join you all this month as I am wisked away in a strange city trying to find yarn. I want Wollongong Back real soon. I wont be back till Easter so I hope that I have a special something to show real soon.