Monday, August 28, 2006


SnB was great fun again on the weekend!! I made a point of taking some photos this month because we haven't had any on the blog for a while. So here we have (clockwise from top left) me with baby Bronte, my coffee and my knitting, Tianne with her white confection, Donni wth THAT HUGE CROCHET HOOK and Charmaine with her wonderful Cascade jumper.

I also managed to take some shots of a bit of knitting too so (again, clockwise from lop left) here is Donni's fair isle bag progress, Ailsa's FLURO orange (oops) Mystery Stole, Zena's lovely baby blue and white hoodie and Linda's epic cable jumper.

Check out Annie's beutiful finished Sunrise circle Jacket!! How good does it look!!!

Next up are (l to r) newbies Margaret, and Sue, visitor Jane and regular Becky.

Diana, Jenny and anew lady whose name I didn't catch (sorry).

New ladies Anne and Diana have come back again so they must not find us too mad! Look closely, they're both smiling!

It's great to see Shirley after a few months! Also great to see Joan again, she's another new lady who has returned for a second or third month. They're both smiling too!

Below we have Tianne and Annie, more happy knitters!!

A gaggle of knitters:

Sue and Jane concentrating very hard!!

So thassall folks Happy knitting till next month!

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Leeanne said...

Man I missed it!!! It looks like everyone had a lovely time and was very busy knitting and chatting.