Friday, May 26, 2006

Warm Hearts: Busy Hands: Photos

Hi Everyone,
I know Ailsa posted a link to some photos of the Warm Hearts: Busy Hands exhibition but here are some more for you to look at! For me the whole thing was a bit of a drama going into labour the day before I was supposed to set up the whole thing, then actually having the baby when I should have been there setting up.

But aside fom my own personal drama and everyone having to rush around like mad things and stand in for me (special thanks to Donni and Kerry) and set it all up with very little notice. The show was a fabulous success!! I (and others) have had great feedback from everyone who came along to see it and there were also lots of sales.

Most people have said that they did not expect to see such a huge range of different types of knitting. They are right of course, there were traditional garments made from handspun and traditional yarns. Some were for adults, some were for kids and some were for babies. There were garments made from new types of fibres and experimental yarns. There were quite a few intricate lace shawls, a huge array of socks and scarves. There were a few hats, some felting, blankets and bags. Not to mention the yarn and goodies for sale in the knitting bazaar. It was a really wide ranging expose of our collective talents and all exhibitors should be VERY proud!

People have also said to me that they really enjoyed reading people's comments about their knitting. It really made a difference to how they viewed the work. We had two articles in local papers and WIN TV came and filmed during the show. (I didn't see what went to air so if any one did or has a tape I'd love to see it.) I have had loads of phone calls about SnB as a result of the publicity so you never know we will probably get many new knitters turning up this Saturday. So here are some shots of the display, well done everyone!!!

We also had a raffle going with the prize generously donated by Kerry and the proceeds were to go to Lifeline. I'll give you an update on how much we raised soon. So now we just have to begin planning for next year. I've got heaps of ides and I should be able to manage not having baby on the day I was supposed to set up the show.

See you all on Saturday - baby permitting.
:-) Sharon


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