Thursday, April 27, 2006

Meeting 29th April

Hi Everyone,
The meeting for the 29th April is coming up quickly!!!EEEKK!!

Don't forget that this Saturday is your deadline for handing in your exhibition pieces!!!

  • You will need to bring the work that you want to submit and your $25.00 exhibition fee.
  • You will also be asked to provide details about each work for display labels at the show so please give a thought to:
  • Name of the Piece: eg Blue Cardigan for Jeff
  • Date Knitted: eg Feb 2006
  • Yarn Used: eg Jo Sharp DK 100% Wool
  • Pattern Used: eg The name of the designer or Pattern book. Or Own Design
  • Brief Description: eg "I loved knitting pattern and I'm very happy with how the cables turned out." or "I wanted to use this yarn for ages and now that I have I never want to again!"
  • Please consider if you would like to sell the piece and the price that you wish to put on it.

Notes on the fee: Your exhibition fee will cover the hall hire, costs of printing and incedentals relating to the setting up of the show. Even with exhibitors contributing $25 each, it is still a very tight budget so please organise to have the $25 with you on Saturday. We wll be asking for fes for people who only wish to put things in the Knitting Bazaar as well.

Please don't panic if you have a work to finish off before you can hand it in - as long as you bring it along on Saturday and I can see what it is I will be able to plan for its display. So come and talk to me about it.

I will have exhibition invitations ready on Saturday for you to distribute to your neighbours, friends and family and if you could put them up on any notice boards that you know of that would help.

OTHER EXCITING NEWS!! I have sent out a number of press releases to all the local area newspapers, radio and TV and we already have had one request from the Illawarra Mercury who will publicise the exhibition closer to the date and the Northern Leader took some photographs today for an article which should go in next Thursday 4th May. So look out for it!

Looking forward to seeing you all and your work on Saturday.
Cheers Sharon (aka Stripey)
(Exhibition Co-ordinator)


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