Monday, January 23, 2006

See you on Saturday

Stitch n Bitch will meet again this Saturday - hope you all can make it! Can you believe that as Sharon was waving goodbye to go on holidays she said that she would miss SnB? 2 whole weeks holidays in the US, and countless Yarn Shops! And she will miss SnB? Nice! We will miss her too but make sure you join us.

Also - if you have joined the The Knitting Olympics and need a button I added one on my site so feel free to grab it and save it on your don't even have to be an Aussie to relate to that one I think.

See you Saturday!


waltergonzo29256492 said...
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Leeanne said...

Have fun on saturday. Please post lots of photos of what everyone is working on. Wish I was coming as I have something pretty to show you.

tianne said...

well despite alot of kiama show i had a knitters guild workshop to be at see you all next month