Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stars of the October Meeting

Yes Annie! There are images of our October meeting. Strangely there's a shot of everyone (I think) except Ailsa and me. Well I was taking the photos but Ailsa how did you avoid the camera??

There were slightly fewer members this month but numbers are still towards 20. Again, we had a great time with lots of people bringing 'show and tell' books and knitting interesting patterns with interesting yarns. There was lots of inspiration.

There are heaps of good things about holding SnB in a bar. The first is that you can have cocktails, the second is that we get to check out bridal fashions as the afternoon progresses. At about 4.30pm all the wedding parties come in for drinks before their receptions. We get to see some very special outfits. The best one on Saturday was the 2yo flowergirl in nappy, white tights and shoes but no dress.

Clockwise from top left, Lisa reading Rowan, Annie knitting the gorgeous lace wrap top from Debbie Stoller's book. Charmaine with her chardonnay and Zena again managing to make it all the way from the North Side (!) with her rainbow wool hoodie.

Kathryn learning to knit again, Shirley looking busy, Kerry knitting her sheep from Crookwell. She's only had that fleece since last Monday and already she's knitting it up!!! Donni with Clapotis on the brain, Jussi happy to be here, or happy to be going?

Janet, with complicated looking red entrelac, Tiarne modelling the butterfly shawl and knitting in blue and Irene, looking like she's counting.
The ladies up the end had the best view of the brides!
Rae and Helen were also hard at work.

NOVEMBER - We are planning to go out for dinner afterwards for our SnB Christmas Party. DECEMBER - The December meeting coincides with New Years Eve and so will officially be cancelled, but I might see the die hards there anyway!


Annie said...

Great photos, it is good to look back at what we did. Next time we will have to take some pictures of you.

Donyale said...

Hmmm, lovin the double "Neck" - I knew there were double chins but I got a double Neck.....stranger things have happened.

Leeanne said...

Annie has invited me to join you ladies. After looking at this blog it looks like lots of fun.

Kate said...

Hey folks,
You may not know it but you're celebrities! I've been using your group as an example of pub knitting for the folks here in Wagga. So far you've been mentioned on Riverina ABC radio and the local paper. Our S'n'B is very new - 4 members so far but hopefully we'll grow. People are still frit about the dag factor but I'm trying to do remedial dag to encourage folks. If ever I'm headed to Woolongong I'll drop in on a s'n'b' weekend.

Ciao for now