Monday, September 12, 2005

Are you all busy knitting??

What a silly question! I know you are! Well I have been and I guess that is my excuse for not posting details of the last Stitch 'n Bitch. So I will tell all, after I tell you that 'anonymous' emailed to find out about the group and I was remined that I had not posted about August - so here goes:

The August gathering was another well attended (more than 25!) afternoon of fabulous knitting, chatting, laughing, drinking coffee, having desert and checking out the brides!! There were a few new knitters which was great to see, hope you can come again next time. The Lobby Bar got pretty busy this week towards the middle of the afternoon with many bar punters looking enviously at our seats but by about 4.30 the crowds had thinned. There seemed to be a few wedding parties so along with our knitting there was plenty to keep us amused.

Here are some knitting shots:
Zena's wonderful baby cricket vest, its for a newborn, have you ever seen anything so cute!!
Annie wearing her very warm looking socks.

Don't forget next month's meeting, Saturday the 24th September, from about 2pm till about 5pm in the Wollongong Novotel Lobby Bar. All welcome, we meet every month, on the last Saturday of the month. Bring yourself, your mum or your daughter, come if you are wanting to learn to knit or want to just sit and stitch with others. There is a core group of about 20-25 who come regularly, however we have had some months much bigger.

August was our first anniversary, so we are one year strong! Many knitters did not know any one else when they first came along and now we have plenty of new friendships. I hope I've answered all your questions 'anonymous' and that we see you there in September.

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