Tuesday, May 17, 2005

'Touch' Knit -In

A handful of Stitch 'n Bitchers.

Is that the correct collective noun for Stitch 'n Bitchers?? or maybe a tangle of s'nbers? or a gaggle of s'nbers? Whatever. Here they are at the first official WS'nB extra curricular event- The knit-in at the 'Touch' exhibition this weekend. The exhibition was great. So much work went into it. Those grrls did one hell of a lot of stitches. The knit-in was a load of fun in the open air and afternoon sunshine outside the old wollongong courthouse'

WS'nB regular meeting on 28th May. Same bat time same bat channel..

Joining the pub chicks at trivia at the Oxford, Tuesday night, 24th May, 7.30pm.

See you there - Happy knitting.


Annie said...

I am from Kiama area, the sale is the Kiama Knitters Guild, at the Old Fire Station, Kiama. Wed. 18 - Sun 22 May, 10am - 2pm daily.
Donni had her bags in our exhibition last year.

I have heard about Wollongong StitchnBitch from members of Knitters Guild. I keep putting it on my calender but then forget, I have printed it out from your page and put it on my fridge, so one month I may get along to it.

the stripey tiger said...

Hi Annie, I will try to make it this week with my mum. Hope you can get to WSnB one day!